Sunday, 20 December 2015

what to wear this winter?

Winter is around the corner. I looked at my closet, thinking what should I wear this winter?
Winters are always confusing; unlike summer when you can wear anything you want. During winter, you, however have to wear something that not only protects you from the cold but also provides you comfort.
For me
“Comfort comes first and then comes the style. But there are some trends that are stylish as hell and comfortable as heaven.”
Today, I am going to give you trend report for this winter and tell you how you can redefine your style and increases your glam quotient.
These trends are worth trying.

Don’t you love these adorable hats?  
Not only they keep you all covered but also adds a stylish touch to the outfit. Beanies are the best transitional elements for “fall” to “winters”. It’s only accessory that you need for bad hair day.
Looking for punk, casual, Hipster look? Sure, Beanie is your thing.

How to style or wear beanie:

Beanies are easy to pair up with T-shirts, denim, jackets and Sneaker.
You can wear it along a graphic tee.Beanies are not hard to find. They are available on every online shopping portal. Nowadays, Local markets are even flooded with beanies.

I consider neck as the most sensitive area of the body that gets affected in the winter. Scarves, as well as a muffler, act a neck warmer. This winter, I saw that people are going for tribal knit scarves. Tribal scarves are so in this season that celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor have been seen embracing it.
How to wear one?

Scarves are so basic. You never have to over accessorise it. You should keep in mind that scarf goes well with anything.
You can either wear a scarf with Tee, jeans or boot or you can pair it up with dress, jacket, and heels.
Faux Leather jackets

For those you either can’t afford expensive leather jackets or don’t want to buy one because of animal protection issues, Faux Leather Jackets seems best alternative. They give vibes of real leather and are relatively cheaper.
They actually keep you warm too. I will definitely say that it’s a must have for every fashionista. In case you don’t have one, get one for yourself. This season you are going to get more of it.
Faux leather jackets are actually investments, keeping in mind that it’s a long lasting trend.
How to style one?

Faux leather jackets are easy to style. You can wear it over denim pants, tee, and converse for a casual look. For punk look, you can pair it up with dark coloured clothes either dark dress or ripped jeans and a graphic tee.
For an edgy look, these kinds of jackets are perfect. All you need is right accessory, subtle makeup (not too dark, not to light: just the right amount).


What goes around comes around always. Capes were a thing in the 80's. This trend however has been revived by famous fashion houses like Burberry, Michael kors, Celine on the runway this season.
What makes them perfect winter “Item”?
They are so easy to accessories. They add feminine as well as glamorous touch to the entire look.
How to style one?

Styling a Cape is the easiest task to do. The reason being, anything goes well with it. Capes can be worn over a simple skater or shift dress for a girly look. If, you are more of a casual person you can pair it up with a hat like fedora, classic blue denim jean and the simple basic t-shirt with boots.
Faux Fur

It’s actually the top trend this winter. If you follow Fashion weeks or Runways, you would immediately realise that this trend was in almost every designer’s collection whether you are talking about London or NYC Fashion week.
It’s a perfect clothing item to add elegance to any outfit. It’s a gorgeous staple to keep as a souvenir.
How to wear one?

It’s a well-known fact that fur is worn with style and elegance.
So what else you can pair it up with?
Simple, you can style it with minimal accessories either you can go with just one heavy neckpiece or for none. It’s easy to wear fur jackets with T-shirts, denim pants or dress. But most tricky part of styling is choosing right kind of purse that goes well with them.
Many people wear tights with fur jackets but I wouldn’t recommend that because it’s not going to protect you from the cold.
I personally prefer basic clutches with fur jackets.

Thigh Boots

Boots are so far my favourite winter accessory. They just redefine the term style. This season, Boots got a lot of coverage especially thigh length boots. You can see it in Milan, NYC as well as London Fashion week.
Who needs a leg warmer, when you can get a thigh length boot?
These Boots are known for their versatility. They are so versatile that you can easily make the transition from preppy to Chic look.
How to nail this look once for all?

Pair it up with a Straw hat, or beanie along with a comfy sweater, gloves, jacket and you are ready to go.

It’s actually a statement piece to have. You can also wear them with tights or stockings, shorts, tees and cardigan in early winter.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Diy Eyelash shoe

Hello everyone.
I really loved these beautiful shoes by Chiara Ferragni.
But these shoes are worth 285 dollar. 
I thought i am gonna make one for mine (actually for my friend).
You are gonna need scissors, Shoes , felt paper(black,blue,white), glue.

First of all make an eye for the shoe . For that, you have to cut white felt in semi-oval way (just like i made in the picture) Place eyelashes over the eye.
To make eyelashes just cut a simple semi-oval small piece of felt and then start marking from the back side of the felt. cut felt along the markings.

Cut a small circular blue felt and even smaller black circle from felt. place it over the eye. also cut a eyebrow  from black felt.

after placing eye and eyelashes your first shoe is ready ( i did this to the rightmost shoe).
for left shoe you have to make eye lashes and eye brow.

After placing these cutouts , paste them on the shoe with the help of glue.
This takes 10 bucks and 1 and half hours of work.

I really loved the final product.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

We are word press too

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Be playful with tulle.

Who will not love a flowy, comfy skirt . skirts are easy to wear and maintain.
This season was marked with the comeback of tulle skirts, also known as tutu.  It's well known fact that
" fashion is made to became fashionable ".
Who knew that this trend would again hit the ramp.
Celebrities have gracefully embraced this trend. Tutu is not confined to the ballerinas room. It's a global trend now.
This season one should invest In one. Here are some reason why ,
1. Tutu skirt adds a touch to elegance .
2.  Transaction is easy, whether from classy to preppy look.
3. Tutu skirts are easy to accessories .

Styling a  tutu is easy and simple, just keep In mind few useful tips:
1. Don't overassecories your tutu skirt. Keep it simple and classy.
2. Neutral colors go well with white or black.
3. More layer means more fun.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Trends guide

It's a well known fact that
"Fashion is made to become unfashionable"

Many trends fed away and later make a solid comeback. Not every trend makes it's last impression on us. You might be wondering, that trends like denim , floral prints have been here forever.But the truth is Denim trend became popular in 70's, so you can't say that it has been always around the corner.
So ,What exactly fashion trend means?

Fashion trend  simply  means anything that is in fashion right now. It can be anything from pants to blazer . So next time you see,  many people wearing same kind of item (let, it be any kind print ) then for sure it's trending right now.

It's true many trends make comeback. This season some of our favorite trends will be making one. Fashion power houses like Channel , Marc Jacobs, Gucci  reintroduced us to the some of most anticipated trend of 2015. Every fashion week whether Milan or London was full of it.

Today i am gonna tell you about these trends and how you can style them.

The First trend , i am gonna talk about is FRINGE. 
Fringe is back in a big way, adding to the countless list of fashionable 70s looks that have been revived on the runway.
They have been literally everywhere this season. It was a leading trend on the fall 2014 fashion week. Some people will absolutely love it and some will hate it ( it has been always like that). but the truth , is it's a trend that can never go unnoticed. 
Celebs like Olivia Palermo ,Olivia wilde, Kendell jenner embracing this trend. It was one the top trend of Coachella music fest.  Not only it adds a boho touch to your look but also redefine your personality.

Here is one look that i have prepared for you guys(from my polyvore)

It's easy to style too .
You can pair fringe top with ripped jeans , boots .
Fringe boots are so in this season , you can pair it up with denim shorts and tank top.

Here are my picks :
1. Koovs medi hem skirt
2.Forever21 boho babe necklace
3.Fringe kimono

The second trend is my favorite one. It's called over-all. It also goes by another name "Dungaree". 
If, i can wear only one trend for the rest of my life it's for sure going to be over all.  It's unique blend of comfort and style. Even though it has't been noticed by runaways but  it made it's way to the celeb world.
i was so glad to see celebrities like Rihanna , Alexa chung, Taylor swift embracing it. 
Dungaree made their impact on the 90's and is going to justify why it's one of the most promising trend of 2015. 

Here are reasons to admire over-alls :
1. it's comfortable and easy to style. 
2.You need not to accessories it. can easily make transition from punk to preppy look.

This is how i am gonna style it

Basic crop top , dungaree and sneakers make a classic 90's look. i personally prefer crop top (whether black or white ) with my dungaree. Snap backs will be cherry on the top.

Here are my favorites :
1.she inside Ripped Dungaree
2.Stalkbuy love dungaree
3.Jaboong  Sportelle dungaree

The Third  trend i am going to discuss is the color Army/Military green . It was one of the most favorite color (after Marsala) of the designers. It was part of Marc Jacob's collection. It dominated the entire New York fashion week.The designer transformed the military looks into relaxed silhouettes. 
Victoria Beckham made it part of her own collection too during the fashion week.  If you are looking to add edgy touch to your look , just wear military inspired jacket , dress . 

here is something that i have prepared for you 
Black color goes really well with the military green. Brown color is also a good alternative .
I like to wear a black tank top under my military green shirt along with black ripped jeans and army green suede boots.
You can also try white tank top under the army green shirt . Sleeveless army green jacket looks good with almost everything. You can try that for any causal look.

My picks for the day:

1.Pocketed loose parka
2.Loose Army green coat
3.Hooded coat

The Next trend is going to be colored suedeAfter seeing colorful suede in recent fashion week that you get a sense that the '70s will be influential for the way people dress this season.  It was part of Gucci's collection this year. Models were seen wearing suede coats and skirts all season long. 
It left impact on leading footwear designers as well. 
 All i can say that it's really good material. What i love about the suede is their flat texture.  It's comfortable and looks really expensive. I think it's good investment. 

You can try wearing a suede jacket with basic tee and boots .
If you are not comfortable with jackets ,you can simply switch to suede boots. Most of the companies makes boots in the suede material. They are so easy to style with jeans or printed dress.

My pick
1. Coffee lapel jacket
2.Buttons A line skirt

The Last and Final trend is going to be Stripes. 
This is something that every one loves . We have wore a striped shirt or tee or a dress at some point or another. It's so classic (that i need not to talk about it in detail).
Stripes was part of celebrity closet this season. You can see Taylor swift, Anne Hathaway wearing it . It always makes a cultural impact . 

This is how i love styling stripes

I love to pair my red beret with black and white striped tee . It's classic french combination which i admire. Occasionally i like pairing my striped dress with denim jacket and boot. 

My picks :
1.Miss chase tee
2.Forever 21 tee

That's all i have to say. 
Hope you enjoyed this article.


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Sunday, 12 July 2015

After a long time..

Hello everyone, i have been very busy for last few days.,Because i have been doing shopping and have been travelling little too much lately. But i like that a lot.
i was on vacation but it's going to be over soon.
i have brought few amazing stuff while travelling that i wanna share with you guy.

i absolutely love this cute mustache ring . it has always been in my wishlist. it's just so pretty, one of the best funky jewelry i own. it looks so french.

  • it's just so funky.
  • it looks classy.
  • Finishing is good.
Price was nominal, got this one for 200 buck.

This ear cuff reminds me of  ,Games of throne. it looks so good, i must say. ,Perfect for any informal event.It goes well with any dress, ripped jeans .

  • it gives edgy look.
  • easy to adjust .
  • raises style quotient .
Brought it for 300 buck.